LucidView: enforcer

LucidView Enforcer is your all-in-one home and business internet protection device.

LucidView provides a smart and straightforward way to protect, monitor and control internet usage across multiple devices. Just plug it into your router and activate your online portal.

Setting up your personal portal is easy, from here you can prevent access for viewing harmful or malicious content across your home network, the blocked website database is constantly being updated from across the entire global LucidView network. Find out more today about how LucidView provides a safe and clean online environment for your children and business.

LucidView Enforcer is an innovative new product that guarantees clean and safe internet. Installation is as straightforward as possible - in no time at all you'll be receiving clean and safe internet as well as being able to monitor internet usage across every device in your home or business. You also have full control over what websites are blocked, whether they be adult-themed, contain malicious content, social media sites or gambling websites. LucidView provides maximum flexibility, you can block or allow websites for different users over predetermined lengths of time. With LucidView Enforcer, you'll never have to worry about harmful internet content again.

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