Providing your customers and employees with Wifi access to the internet is essential in today's culture. Ensuring your business offers clean, safe and filtered internet is now a priority and with LucidView you can ensure that inappropriate and malicious content is not accessed whilst on your premises with the LucidView Enforcer.

LucidView Enforcer is perfect for any type of business, from small startups, public facing businesses such as coffee shops, schools and care homes to larger office based businesses.

Most office based businesses these days have some form of internet filter in place, allowing or disallowing certain content being accessed by their employees. LucidView ensures you can from one device and portal, manage your content filtering, apply restrictions on websites and ensure you have give both customers and employees a safe online experience.

"What are the main benefits?"

Ensuring your customers and/or employees can have a safe online experience whilst reducing distractions is one of the most common questions a business owner will have when it comes to online usage.

LucidView provides you with the tools to ensure that time spent at work can be managed so employees are not spending time on social media when they shouldn't be, or have the chance access content not appropriate in the workplace or that could increase the chance of downloading a virus to your business.

Statistics show that more than 50% of employees use the web for personal reasons during an average working day, which can decrease productivity, and ultimately have an adverse effect on the customer service your business provides.

The LucidView Enforcer comes fully equipped with the following industry leading features:

  • Advanced Content Filtering
  • Allow or Disallow any site
  • Covers all devices & users connected through LucidView
  • Set Device or Website Access Time Limits and Restrictions
  • Online Dashboard for Full Monitoring and Reporting
  • Built-In Firewall and Torrent Blocking
  • FairShare Bandwidth Control
  • Social Media Time Managements 

How can LucidView Help?

A tool such as the LucidView Enforcer could be of real benefit to business owners. The router plugs into your current router provided by your ISP and filters out inappropriate web content based on its category. In simple terms, it provides your business with a safe and clean wifi connection for employees and customers to access the internet. Other main features also include proactively monitoring your wifi and setting time limits for using the internet for personal reasons during the working day. For example, you can set LucidView up through the portal to turn off internet access to social media and adult content such as gambling sites during working hours. This can help employees to retain focus and increase productivity. 

For as little as 10p per day you can provide safe, clean internet for your business to both customers and employees. Our easy to install device is your one stop solution for all your internet and online needs.

Contact us if you have any further questions regarding the how LucidView can benefit your business or order your complete business protection device today.

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