FairShare - Automatic bandwidth optimisation

With the introduction of tablets and smartphones, gone are the days of the single family computer. Nowadays, the average home, school and office needs a network that can provide a reliable quality of internet to multiple devices simultaneously. In other words, Fair Share.

The issue has always been about bandwidth allocation. The more devices that require data to be transmitted to them, the slower things such as load speed can be. You’d be forgiven if your first question is ‘why can’t you just increase the amount of bandwidth?’ Unfortunately it is not that simple.

Why You Can't Just Increase Bandwidth?

The larger the bandwidth to allocate, the more people that can access a network. This does not mean necessarily that web browsing will be faster. Devices that provide a larger amount of bandwidth can also be rather volatile, and rather susceptible to factors such as changing weather conditions.

Common Problems with Your Internet Bandwidth?

Do you use Netflix? Or game online? At present, your router could be allowing 80-90% of all bandwidth to Netflix or gaming downloads/streams, meaning all other users in the house only have access to 10% of the total bandwidth. 

Our Fair Share feature enables you to specify the maximum value to be shared amongst each detected user, the rest is all handled. It’s extremely easy to configure, and can be turned on and off at any time ensuring each user in your house/business has the best online experience, whether for personal or business use.

How Can LucidView Help?

LucidView not only ensures that online browsing is safe, it also makes multiple people using the internet much more efficient thanks to its FairShare technology. Rather than it being a free for all in which multiple devices clamour for bandwidth, FairShare technology compartmentalises bandwidth so everyone has their fair share. You also have the control over the bandwidth allocation. All you need to do is specify the maximum amount of bandwidth amongst each user on the network, and LucidView sorts out the rest.

For as little as 10p per day you can provide safe, clean internet for your home and/or business. Our easy to install device is your one stop solution for all your internet and online needs.

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