What is LucidView?

LucidView is a software built onto a router, the Enforcer. The software allows you to be in control of the level of security applied to the internet in your house/business. Our online portal then enables you to adjust your level of control and apply these rules to your devices.

Do I need a separate LucidView device for each child or computer?

No, just one LucidView device will cover all users and devices for your home or business.

Does LucidView work with every device including gaming consoles?

LucidView works with all internet accessible devices. This includes desktop and laptop computers (Both Windows and Mac), Tablets and Smart phones (Apple, Android and Windows devices), Gaming Consoles (including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo) & Smart TVs.

Does LucidView replace my existing router?

No. LucidView is an additional router you plug into your existing router and provide you with 2 options for connecting through your Wifi to the internet: 

  1. You can either connect through WiFi to your original router for full unrestricted, unfiltered internet access.
  2. Or connect devices through your WiFi to your new LucidView connection which will provide safe, clean and filtered internet as per your settings from your online dashboard.

Does LucidView slow down my internet connection?

No. When configured through your online dashboard, LucidView has a minimal impact on your internet and network performance. Although we don't make this statement, users have noticed a faster experience overall when using LucidView. This is because LucidView has an intelligent FairShare setting which comes as standard with every device. Find out more about FairShare here, for how it works and the benefits to your home or business.

Does LucidView control Wired Devices?

Yes. There is an ethernet port like on your conventional router to plug a wired device into.

What is the subscription to LucidView and what does this provide?

For less than 10p per day, LucidView provides you and your family or business with clean, safe internet. Your subscription allows access to the online portal. Here you can set your account to receive full reports of internet usage, enable time restrictions, filter your internet content and through the constantly updating network, continue block new threats. Your rolling 30 day £2.99 a month subscription enables your LucidView device access to the worldwide LucidView network, through the online portal, as well as all future updates to software. We are also developing new features, such as our mobile dashboard app.

How does LucidView protect against new inappropriate websites being made?

The LucidView network is constantly updating from users all across the world. Whenever a website (new or old) is accessed by anyone using LucidView, LucidView's bots will review the website within the hour and categorise it accordingly. This new website will automatically be added to the LucidView network's Allow or Block list. This ensures you and your users are constantly protected from new threats and inappropriate websites from our global LucidView network.

Can I block or unblock specific sites?

Yes. This is all easily accessed and controlled when you log in to your online portal.

What countries does LucidView work in?

The LucidView device plugs into your home router using the Ethernet cable. This easy to install device ensures it can be used around the world in all countries. You can then control your device(s) by logging into the online portal. 

What is your returns policy?

Every LucidView device comes with as standard a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Can I just turn off the subscription, will this still provide clean internet?

Your subscription is on a 30 day rolling contract. You can access your online portal and stop your monthly direct debit from your account. Upon cancelling your subscription, your access to the online portal will not include the features of the LucidView network until you restart your subscription. This means that you can still access the internet through the LucidView device but you will no longer have access to the LucidView network. The subscription is what enables you to provide clean, safe internet as well as all the other listed features.

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