Bandwidth Manager

Bandwidth Manager – Are You Making the Best Use of Your Internet Connection?

Although the internet has become a vital part of all of our lives, maximising the effectiveness of this remains an under-utilised tactic.

Below we aim to address the impact an unmanaged network can have in our personal or business lives, and provide a practical solution to this.

Why Would I Want to Manage My Bandwidth?

As we welcome more and more devices which are reliant on an internet connection to work into our homes, we inadvertently end up putting a bigger strain on our bandwidth.

With most UK homes now having access to two or more TV’s, 3 or more Mobile Phones, 1 or More Tablets, and 40% or more also having access to a gaming console, it is clear to see why at peak times access to the internet may be somewhat slow.

The impact on broadband speeds, caused by simultaneous access to the internet through multiple devices is even more greatly noticed by business owners.

How Can I Manage My Bandwidth?

To mitigate the above however, tools such as LucidView have been developed to provide the person responsible for the stability of the internet network, the ability to manage availability of broadband at a more granular level.

By understanding which of the devices connected to your network, you can prioritise and allocate broadband connectivity to those which require this the most.

In a home environment, this would mean you can shift focus to your streaming services to ensure your viewing experience is maximised. For businesses, this can help to allocate more resources to critical or time-sensitive activities.

At LucidView we like to ensure you, the customer, are in control. Do you have many internet enabled devices in your household? Do you want to be able to control which devices get the lion's share of your bandwitdh? 

If you would like the ability to be able to allocate and or manage your own bandwidth, be that within your home or in the work place, LucidView is the solution for you.

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