Be Safe Online

Be Safe Online

Technology is changing our lives at an incredibly fast pace, and it is this speed which is currently allowing us to quench our thirst for bigger/better/faster/cheaper. Along with the positive changes however, we are opening ourselves to more and more potential for risk.

Smart Homes

Every day that passes, and with every new item we introduce in to our home, our property becomes more connected. But with this ever-increasing number of internet-enabled things, we are also exposing ourselves to more information being collected, making it even more tempting for companied and individuals to harness the power of this.

These days, it’s not uncommon to find that even the most trivial items are now taking advantage of our always-connected lifestyles to help us remotely control our appliances as well as our services.

A typical home will now have at least one of the following smart devices, amongst many others:

  • CCTV:
  • TVs: Over 60% of UK households have 2 or more TVs
  • Phones: Over 75% of UK household have 2 or more mobiles
  • Webcams: Over 85% of UK households have 1 or more computers
  • Utilities: lights,
  • Appliances
  • Toys


  • Physhing:
  • Fake Services:
  • Romance:
  • Investment:
  • Employment:
  • WIFI Jacking:


  • Complex/evolving Passwords: Ensure your passwords are complex and regularly changed.
  • Network security: Employ an expert to constantly test your network for vulnerabilities.
  • Apply caution: Be wary of free offers, click bait content, fun/pastime type emails.
  • Stay updated: Keep your software updated by downloading the latest versions.
  • Stay informed: Read reputable publications (,, etc).

How Can LucidView Enforcer HELP?

No longer will you need to setup every single device or have multiple devices and software's to help protect your children online. LucidView Enforcer has been developed to provide an easy to use all in one protection solution for the home, schools and businesses.

Our easy to install hardware simply plugs into your router and a power supply, register your device on the LucidView portal, and then your family or any user can connect through WiFi to the LucidView enforcer and start to receive clean filtered internet. It really is as easy as that!

The Key features for the LucidView Enforcer:

  • Time limits to internet access
  • Ability to block certain websites
  • Set schedules for allowing internet access to your children
  • Provide FairShare bandwidth management
  • Individual device settings
  • An online dashboard where you can change these settings.

The LucidView Enforcer doesn't replace your own router, you keep your original internet router which allows you to make the decision to still have unrestricted access to the internet. (Note: LucidView only works with the enforcer router supplied)

For as little as 10p per day you can provide safe, clean internet for your home and set time limits to establish healthy times for children gaming online. Our easy to install device is your one stop solution for all your internet and online needs.

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