Screen Time Parental Control

Screen Time Parental Control – Practical Ideas to Keep Kids Away from their Screens.

With internet publishers making more content available by the day, and their constant battle to win over our children’s attention, trying to keep our children away from a screen is proving more challenging than ever.

So how can we, as parents, help reduce the amount of time they spend glued to their devices? Below is a list of ideas for you to try out:

  1. Cooking and planning meals Getting children in to cooking can be a great way to providing your children with an alternative. The trick here is to make sure you are encoring them to come up with suggestion of what they would like to make.
  2. Drawing and painting There are various tutorials which can be printed help kids learn the basics of drawing and painting. This tactic is a highly-effective one as it requires lots of time spent on it to evolve it, often spread across several sessions.
  3. Helping around the house Getting our children involved in housework not only allows us to find different ways to keep them away from the screen, but it also helps develop their sense of responsibility and organisational skills.
  4. Walking or exercising Getting your kids into physical activity is vital for their development, so weaving this into their daily routine is very important. The most effective way to introduce this is to lead by example.
  5. Conversations or debates Engaging kids into conversations is also a great way to keep them away from a screen. Applying a little reverse phycology here, and getting them to teach you new things is a great way of getting them interested in what they are talking about.

There is no limit to the number of tactics available to keep our children away from their screen, and tools such as Lucid Enforcer allow us to keep an eye on the amount of time our kids are spending online.

At LucidView, we are commited to providing a solution that will benefit the customer, you. Are you, like every other parent in the world, struggling to get your children to put down their devices? Do you want to gain back control of how much time they spend per day/ per week on their device? 

LucidView's screen time parental control feature provides you the luxury to turn off those devices and allows you to get the kids back doing any of the aforementioned activities.

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