LucidView Enforcer:
How It Works

Any site visited is scanned by the LucidView bot, which either deems it safe or divides it into a specific category for inappropriate sites. These include sites with adult or explicit content, gambling, or sites prone to malware and phishing. Inappropriate sites are immediately added to a blocked list which is applicable across the entire LucidView network of users. The block list is updated regularly with periodic crawls carried out by all LucidView devices connected from any home or business around the world, ensuring that you can have peace of mind and protection for your family or business.

Getting Started

Simple and easy installation - Watch our video!

All you need to get started with LucidView is a router and a power supply. Once you register the product through an online portal, you can begin providing safe clean internet and monitor what is being visited through the online portal.

Inappropriate websites can be blocked altogether or access to these websites can be allowed during certain periods throughout the day, the choice is yours. LucidView also offers a number of other features including controlling access to websites such as social media, you can be block these sites for a determined period of time to all or just certain devices. This can be helpful to remove distractions for when you need your children to do their homework, or your employees to fully focus on the job at hand. Our in-depth reporting features allow you to continually review who has accessed these websites based on day and time.

What's in the box?

When you receive your Lucidview Enforcer, you will find the following in the box:

  • Lucidview Enforcer router
  • An ethernet cable
  • A power cable
  • A handy quick start guide – On the packaging sleeve
  • A code for you to register and access the online portal

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  • Rolling 30-day contract.
  • No Hidden Fees.

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