Online Dashboard

The Online Dashboard is the control centre of LucidView Enforcer. It makes monitoring online activity easier than ever before. A wide variety of settings and reports empowers you to set your own standards for internet use.

Putting You in Control

Once you plug the LucidView Enforcer into your router and power supply, the next step is to set up your Online Dashboard. Navigate to the portal login and enter your unique id code from your device. The portal dashboard provides you with full control over what websites are allowed on your network. You can disallow access to a category of websites for a certain length of time, or block them outright. LucidView works for you, and therefore can be tailored to match your needs. 

Automated Updates 

LucidView's innovative software creates a universal database of harmful or inappropriate websites. This database is updated automatically via the Online Dashboard. Any website accessed by a LucidView bot that is deemed to be inappropriate is added to a list, which applies to anyone who uses LucidView. Using the Online Dashboard, you can choose to allow certain websites and prohibit others. For instance, you may be happy with social media being accessed on your network, but not websites with adult content. 

A Range of In-Depth Reports

The Online Dashboard in LucidView presents you with a series of easy-to-use reports. These reports provide you with all the information you could want about internet usage across your network of devices. Reports are compartmentalised into helpful categories. These can be based on devices as well as specific categories of websites. This allows you to focus on whatever aspect of internet use is a cause of concern. Data is also presented in a variety of ways, so you can monitor internet activity in a way that's easy for you.

Bandwidth Allocation Made Simple

LucidView allows you to set your own parameters for bandwidth allocation. This ensures that all devices in your network have a consistent high quality connection. LucidView's online dashboard also reports on how much bandwidth is being used by a specific device, helping you make informed decisions for bandwidth allocation. 

LucidView is a simple but powerful solution to deliver clean, safe internet for your home or business. Find out more about the other features of LucidView Enforcer or click to Buy Today

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