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Video games and the time children are spending playing games consoles online is increasing every year. More and more children are able to access different devices at home which offer new experiences and help in there learning but also to provide them with a source of entertainment and fun. 

It is estimated children aged between 3 and 15 on average, spend anywhere from 5 - 15 hours per week gaming online. The higher end equating to more than 2 hours every night of the week, more that the recommended one her per day screen time recommendation. 

We have produced a handy guide to showcase to you the recommend amount of time by age that children should spend online which can be viewed by clicking here. So if your child is spending more than recommended hours per day gaming and neglecting social activities because of it, LucidView provides you with the platform to ensure a healthy life balance for your family can be maintained. 

"How can I help educate my children to have a healthy balance of gaming time?"

Children are likely to go through a stage of spending hours playing video games, it is simply about teaching them the difference between doing it in moderation and it becoming an obsession. 

LucidView provides you with the tools to ensure that time spent online gaming can be managed so children are not spending hours of their spare time gaming when they should be attending events or participating in family time activities.

A study carried out by scientists at Oxford University in 2014 showed that the ideal amount of time a child (under the age of 15) should spend gaming online was between 1 and 3 hours per day. 

The Enforcer can be of assistance with its following features:

  • Time limits to internet access
  • Ability to block certain websites
  • An online dashboard to manage these settings.
  • Set schedules for allowing your children online.
  • Individual device settings 

How can LucidView Help?

This is where a tool such as the LucidView Enforcer could be of real benefit to you. The LucidView device, which plugs into your current home router provided by your ISP, provides you with a safe and monitored internet connection through your WiFi that not only filters out inappropriate web content based on its category but also offer you the parent controls features on your dashboard to set time limits or times of the day that online gaming can only be accessed.

In simple terms, it provides your home with safe and clean internet, but also a way of proactively monitoring and setting time limits for online gaming. For example, you can set LucidView up to turn off internet access on your child's Xbox or iPad after 2 hours of use or so that it cannot access online gaming after 8pm in the evening. 

For as little as 10p per day you can provide safe, clean internet for your home and set time limits to establish healthy times for children gaming online. Our easy to install device is your one stop solution for all your internet and online needs.

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