Parents & Teachers' Responsibilities

If you have children or young adults in your house, or your role at work entails you looking after children and their educational needs, you will know full well the rewards and risks of using devices connected to the internet.

The internet is fantastic for offering solutions to improve everyday life, but with all online activity there is also a negative side. Users can encounter opportunities to be exposed to unsuitable and harmful information as well as individuals looking to gain access to your valuable private information through viruses and malware.

With this in mind we understand how difficult it is to provide a safe environment that promotes healthy usage of all online activities including social media and gaming.

In recent studies 60% of parents are concerned their kids don’t have interests outside of the web, social media and gaming.

"How can I limit the time my child spends online?"

This is a question that over half of all parents would like help and an easy to use way of helping promote a healthy balanced lifestyle with devices.

This is where a tool such as the LucidView Enforcer could be of real benefit to you, it not only filters out inappropriate web content based on its category but offers parents and teachers ways of limiting access to websites or online activities through the easy to use portal.

For example, you can set the router up to turn off internet access to Facebook on your child's iPad from after the hours of 6pm or only allow a maximum of 1 hour usage throughout the whole day. In simple terms, it not only provides you with safe and clean internet, but a way in which you can promote and monitor healthy internet usage for children and young adults.

The Key features for the LucidView Enforcer:

  • Time limits to internet access
  • Ability to block certain websites
  • Set schedules for allowing internet access to your children
  • Provide FairShare bandwidth management
  • Individual device settings
  • An online dashboard where you can change these settings.

How can LucidView Help?

No longer will you need to setup every single device or have multiple devices and software's to help protect your children online. LucidView Enforcer has been developed to provide an easy to use all in one protection solution for the home, schools and businesses.

Our easy to install hardware simply plugs into your router and a power supply, register your device on the LucidView portal, and then your family or any user can connect through WiFi to the LucidView enforcer and start to receive clean filtered internet. It really is as easy as that!

For as little as 10p per day you can provide safe, clean internet for your home and set time limits to establish healthy times for children using social media. Our easy to install device is your one stop solution for all your internet and online needs.

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