When you activate your LucidView online portal, you’ll be presented with a range of reports. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of internet usage across all connected devices. They can be divided into three main types:

General Reports

These reports include all devices in your network, detailing what domains have been visited, if any inappropriate categories have been flagged up by LucidView, and how bandwidth has been allocated across all devices.

Specific User Reports

In the context of LucidView, ‘user’ refers to a specific device. These reports allow you to focus for instance, on either the general house computer, or a certain family member’s phone or console. These reports will show not only what websites and categories have been visited, but also bandwidth allocation and data usage.

Detailed Category Reports

Are you concerned about a particular category of website? This can be social media, websites with adult content, or gambling websites. These reports provide any information pertaining to that particular category. This allows users of LucidView to monitor internet usage with as much granularity as they like.

How Can LucidView Help?

You can customise these reports further in the Online Portal, by choosing your own timeframe. You can view recent activity, all activity over the previous week, or focus on one particular day. Data is also presented in a variety of formats, with line graphs, stacked graphs and pie charts helping you review online activity whichever way works best for you.

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