LucidView: Guide for Screen Time for Kids

Children are using electronic devices at younger and younger ages, as the generation born into the world of not just computers, but smartphones, tablets, and consoles with online capabilities. As a result of this, parents are growing increasingly concerned about how much time their children are spending in front of screens. Recent research has grounded these concerns, with studies showing that kids spend more time on electronic media devices than any other activity – an average of 7 hours a day.

With children using these kinds of devices to chat with their friends, or play the latest app craze, screen time control can often feel like a losing battle. But making sure your kids have a healthy relationship with their devices is certainly worth it. There are a variety of problems that can ensue from children spending too much time on their smartphone, tablet or computer. These range from sleep deprivation, a reduced attention span which can lead to poor academic performance, and even a greater risk of childhood obesity.

How & What Should My Kids Be Accessing?

This isn’t to say however that there aren’t benefits to your kids spending time in front of a screen. The internet is an ever-expanding resource of knowledge, and your children getting to grips with is a positive thing as a whole. And while it may be frustrating trying to tear your kids away from Facebook or Snapchat, nowadays social media is an important way to develop relationships with peers.

The one question that needs to be asked, is just how long kids should spend daily behind a screen? We’ve put together a quick table of screen time recommendations by age, which should help you set healthy boundaries on internet use.

Screen time recommendations

How Can LucidView Help?

Overall, like most things, time spent in front of a screen is best in moderation. This is where LucidView Enforcer comes in. LucidView Enforcer makes screen time parental control hassle-free, but also helps you control what type of content is being viewed.

Does your child have homework to do? You can use LucidView to block access to social media across all connected devices, taking away potential distractions.

The great thing about LucidView is how flexible it is. Upon setting it up, you will have access to your own online portal. Here, you can choose either to enable or block access to certain types of websites for a predetermined period of time.

For as little as 10p per day you can provide safe, clean internet for your home and set time limits to establish healthy times for employees using social media or accessing adult content. Our easy to install device is your one stop solution for all your internet and online needs.

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