Your Children & Using Social Media

Do your kids spend excessive amounts of time on social media platforms? Fear not, you are not alone. A great percentage of parents are facing similar issues. It was estimated in a recent study by Ofcom that 5-15 year olds are spending 15 hours per week on social media platforms, a far cry from that spent 10 years ago. 

Whilst some social media time can be good to help your child fit in and learn the virtual world. However, some children get involved with things such as cyber bullying and interacting with the wrong crowds and as such it is a good idea to limit time spent. 

Additionally, there is the aspect whereby a child is spending too much time on a device, impacting their participation in other activities such as doing homework, or little to no interaction during family time. 

"How can I protect and limit my children's exposure to social media?"

In today's day and age, children are naturally tech savvy. It is what they have grown up with, it's what they see their parents and other elders participating in so it is no surprise that there are questions being asked in regard to how long they can and should spend on their devices, taking part in social media.

LucidView provides you with the tools to ensure that time spent on social media can be managed. This is to benefit parents and or teachers when their children are spending too much time on social media, or when social media is becoming a problem i.e. cyber bullying and interacting with the wrong crowds.

23% of 8-11 year olds surveyed by Ofcom have a social media profile, while 74% of 12-15 year olds surveyed have a social media profile. While the younger children would miss their TV or tablet the most, the older proportion of children would miss their mobile phone the most.

The Enforcer can be of assistance with its following features:

  • Time limits to internet access
  • Ability to block certain websites
  • An online dashboard where you can change these settings.
  • Set schedules for allowing social media access to your children

How can LucidView Help?

This is where a tool such as the LucidView Enforcer could be of real benefit to you. The LucidView device, which plugs into your current home router provided by your ISP, provides you with a safe and monitored internet connection through your WiFi that not only filters out inappropriate web content based on its category but also offer you the parent, advanced controls features on your dashboard to set time limits or times of the day that social media websites such as facebook can only be accessed.

In simple terms, it provides your home with safe and clean internet, but also a way of proactively monitoring and setting time limits for using social media. For example, you can set LucidView up through the portal to turn off internet access to Facebook from 8pm in the evening, allowing your children and young adults time to focus on homework without outside distractions. 

For as little as 10p per day you can provide safe, clean internet for your home and help set time limits to establish healthy times for children using social media. Our easy to install device is your one stop solution for all your internet and online needs.

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